this is me taking the plunge.


when i lived in china, i started taking pictures. 

i was the weird american creeper, taking pictures of cute chinese children with my point and shoot. 
and i loved every minute of it. 

then a couple of years ago, i got my first dslr, 
my fancy dancy camera and...
i'm still trying to figure out what all those dang buttons mean.

enter snapshot workshop from ashley ann photography. 
this morning i signed up, and i couldn't be more excited.

when i read this description of the course, i knew it was for me...

  The course is designed for the beginner photographer, not for those that are advanced or have a good understanding of using a dslr on the Manual setting. It is for those that the words “aperture”, “shutter speed” and “ISO” sound like a foreign language, but one they would like to learn to speak. It is for those that are captivated by photographs that tell a story and dream of capturing the beauty of their own everyday life. In this course, you will find original content that I have developed over the last four years. I would love to help you go from knowing how to just take a picture to beautifully capturing the moments of your life.

my main goal for 2013 is to develop this love i have for photography.
i dream of the day it is more than just a hobby.

confession: i want to be a "real" photographer (whatever that means:) and this is my first baby step to making that dream a reality.

i'm so ready/so terrified to begin this journey, but my passion and desire aren't giving me much of a choice.

here's to a lot of a trial and error, a lot of learning, and a lot of discovering more of who i am in the process.


  1. YAHOO! LOVE THIS! And I can't wait to see the transformation - and of course I love Ashley! :)

  2. Good luck to you! I know you will do great in photography. Look forward to seeing pictures from you!

  3. How exciting! Good luck to you and this class! I hope it's everything and more! I'll have to follow along to watch the transformation! So jealous!

  4. can't wait to hear all about it!