the third annual sisters' christmas

sometimes you are lucky enough to have family who feel more like friends.
and other times you are lucky enough to have friends who feel more like family.

i feel like the luckiest one of all to get to have both.

hence the start of our sisters' christmas...
a tradition that started 3 years ago with myself, kari, and calley and has been going strong ever since.

two sisters and an honorary sister drinking mimosas, eating quiche and sticky buns, and exchanging gifts together.

it's one of my favorite parts of christmas.
words fail to express how much these two women mean to me. 
it's very simple really.

they just get it.

and to find people that really understand you, in all your crazy, is so rare and amazing.

i hope that during all the hustle and bustle of this season, you have time to celebrate with your "family" and feel known and loved too.

{oh, and it's always fun to get some presents, right?
new jammies, heart sunglasses, two beautiful ornaments, and a subscription to "real simple" were the icing on the cake.}

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  1. This is amazing. I love those friends that feel like family! And family that are like friends too, of course. The ones who you can always turn to and who will always be there for you with open and understanding arms. I'm so glad you have that :) I love this little tradition you three have!