how to survive a sick day. lesley style.


step 1- stay in your jammers all...day...long.

step 2- keep your mucinex close but your kleenex closer.

step 3- lament your dog's inability to run your errands.

step 4- respond to all your church friends who think you must be hung over if you're not at church.

step 5- forget how to breath through your nose.

step 6- make a pumpkin ice cream/sprite float...a cold will cause you to do crazy things.

step 7- feel completely content and completely stir crazy at the exact same time.

step 8- regret getting a nose ring. you wouldn't believe what can get stuck in those things.
tmi? sorry.

good news?
i think we're on the up and up...kinda.
colds are no joke.

but we do accept your sympathy in the forms of balloons, floral arrangements, and ponies.

happy monday.

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  1. sorry you guys were sickos! but your day sounds kind of divine. except for the nose ring thing... which i totally feel you on.