happy birthday dad!


to the man who...

-taught me how to play p-i-g

-earned the name "no pants jer" multiple occasions during my most formative years

-took me to the limited too {remember that store?} and called over an associate to help me with my bodysuit

-let me tag along on some of his dates {i'm sure the women didn't mind:}

-cheered the loudest at all my sports games

-rewarded me with blizzards when i scored goals in soccer

-cried in my dorm room when he dropped me off at college

-makes the best cakes, soups, and pancakes you've ever tasted

-held my arm with such strength and tenderness as he walked me down the aisle

-has shown me the value of commitment and unconditional love {i hope mr. lesley and i can have a marriage like my parents}

-is the best grandpa, hands down, to jayden and fiona

-works harder than anyone i know

{along with a million other things}

happy birthday dad!
here's to many, many more!

love you.


  1. it's sometimes so good to remember what our parents did and still do for us

  2. You got me with "strength and tenderness". Tears in my eyes. Happy birthday to your pops!

  3. Aw. This is amazingly sweet, Hannah. Your dad seems pretty awesome! This post definitely made me feel a little mushy and tender :)