certified world changer.


let me set the scene for you...

denver international airport.
terminal a.
dinner time.

before taking off for chicago, i decided to grab a bite to eat.
a fancy smancy airport dinner was quite appealing, but once i saw those golden arches, my choice became clear {don't judge}.

i was chatting on the phone with mr. lesley before grabbing dinner and asked "what's that burger at mcdonalds with thousand island dressing?" 
to which he responded, "i love you so much. i love that you don't know the name of mcdonald's most famous sandwich. it's a big mac babe." 

yep, a big mac.
i wanted a big mac.

i sat down with my billion calorie dinner near to a middle aged man typing away on his computer. 

he turned to me, "is that a mcdouble?"
me: "actually, it's a big mac. i'm going on vacation, so i figured i deserved it." 

a few minutes later the same man returned to his seat with his own mcdonald's burger in tow and then the moment came when he affirmed that i was really doing something great with my life...

he said, "i was going to get a salad until i met you." 

and i knew that all i had ever gone through in my life was totally worth it.

so i could be there, in that terminal, changing a man's life, skyrocketing his cholesterol. 

all in a day's work, folks.
all in a day's work.


  1. hilarious!

    i love me some mcdonalds... only it's the quarter pounder for me. mmmmmm! haven't had it since i was preggers!

  2. Okay. Pregnant me has wanted a Big Mac for all of five months now. So I hate you for this picture, is what I'm saying. ;)

  3. So funny! At least you inspired somebody to do what they really want! Even if it does raise his cholesterol a bit ;)