come home soon, love.


dear mr. lesley,

there's a lot of things you've been missing out on in these parts, and i know i've told you hundreds of times {at least} already, but i really wish you were here.

::i am lost without your chopping and cutting skills. last night i tried to cut an onion and with my eyes watering combined with the mascara running down my face, i was a big ole mess.

::sir winston misses you. i try to "roughhouse" with him and usually end up kissing and hugging him like crazy. i just know he's thinking "mom, pull yourself together already!" 

::i need a reason to eat real food again. canned soup and cereal for dinner just isn't cutting it. 

::this past weekend i watched the denver marathon runners pass by just a couple of blocks from our apartment. running it together last year, right after we got engaged, is one of my favorite memories of life. 
sir winston didn't understand why i started tearing up.
but, come to think of it, you probably wouldn't have either:) 

::i cleaned miss louise's tank last night, and might have lost her under the bed for a couple of minutes. 
stepmom of the year, obviously.

::the car had low tire pressure and i panicked. doesn't our BRAND NEW CAR know that i'm not capable of dealing with these types of problems?
i've told him multiple times that he's not allowed to malfunction until you return. 
i think he understood. 
jeeps are smart, right? 

::confession: i want to go to a bar. and watch football. and wear a lion's shirt. with you.
{no, i don't know who i am either.}
even from d.c. your powers over me are quite incredible.

::i was all alone in my rage against starbucks who thought it was a good idea to stop giving free soy and syrups to gold card members.
if you were here, we could have stormed our local 'bucks and at least thrown over some tables. 
you don't want to mess with the lesleys and their coffee.

bottom line: i wouldn't want you to be anywhere but d.c. right now...


32 days. 
15 hours. 
and 7 minutes.

couldn't come fast enough.

i need my partner in crime back.

please and thank you.


  1. Aw, sweet girl! I'm feeling for you! Let me know if you need some distraction in these final days!!

  2. not too much longer...you'll be alright-the time together will then be even more special!

  3. Oh don't worry. I'm already planning a riot over at that stupid Starbucks. Us gold members (and lactose intolerants) NEED and deserve our soy. Mkay?