a thankful heart.

it's so easy to be consumed by the negative, the lack, the inconsistencies, the overall bummers of life.
sometimes i get into the habit of focusing on what i don't have, instead of choosing to focus my eyes on the myriad of blessings all around me.

so, even though thanksgiving is still a few months away, i am choosing today to be thankful.

thankful for...
-wonderful friends who have called, emailed, invited me over for dinner, gone out for coffee dates, and checked in to make sure i'm doing ok while mr. lesley is gone. i have no idea what i would do without them.
-the magic, wonder, and glory that is the crockpot
-a job that challenges me every. single. day {whether i like it or not} 
-walks with sir winston in the sunshine
-the denver public library and my current read kisses from katie
-porch time with my sister
-instagram hashtag parties #uglyfaces
-the opportunity to serve here this past weekend 
-pumpkin spice lattes, a cooler feel in the air, and the little reminders that fall is on its way
-early morning texts from mr. lesley when he's on his way to work
-fresh grapes and plums straight off the vine {got to pick some of my own a few days ago...delicious!}
-the timely reminder to "count it all joy" at church last sunday
-a facetime date tonight 
-the time to talk to God as i drive to work in the morning. the sunrise reminds me of his constant faithfulness and renewed mercy for each new day.

i hope you can find time to count your blessings, no matter where you may find yourself day.

there is much to be thankful for.


  1. Yay! Can I link this up with my Thursday post? I'm glad you're thankful. And I would love to hang out! Let's make it happen.

  2. Hannah you are so right about counting your blessings! I just started doing a post weekly called Friday's little blessings where I state the small and big things that I've been so thankful for during the week, so I'm feeling the same way lately!

  3. i thank the Lord that you're blogging every time you post. seriously. what would i do if we weren't connected through blog posts and emails?! so glad i forced you to blog all those years ago. i need your words.