it takes a village...

to throw a wedding.
{yes and amen.}

at first i used to feel guilty about having so many people helping with the wedding,
like i should be one of those diy brides everyone loves these days.

then i...
1. got over myself
2. realized when you open yourself up to everyone's help, the wedding becomes more than just a day for you and your man. it becomes a beautiful representation of the love and support of so many other people that surround you.

and when you are lucky enough to have that, you would be missing out on so much if you tried to do it all yourself. 

so, with that said, saturday morning while my bridesmaids and i were getting ready, an amazing group of friends and family (led by the creative genius that is our aunt carol) turned our reception venue into a magical place that far exceeded all my expectations.
the finished product included such amazing details...
the pom poms...
candelabras and personalized napkins for each person (made by the amazing amy jarrett)...
 table names (of all the concerts mr. lesley and i have been to together) and record menus...
our "in memory" candles for my mom, mr. lesley's cousin and grandparents...
a ledge of lovely candles and some of our favorite pictures together...
a gift table that carried out our theme so perfectly...
the lobby entrance covered in our invitations and a "funky" wall that blew my mind...
and finally even our names up on the marque.
we are so, so, so grateful for everyone's willingness to help.
your love and support made the day more than we could have even imagined.

{fyi: mr. lesley, sir winston, and i are going to dominate southwestern colorado for the next 5 days, so the post about the actual wedding won't be for a little while. i mean, you've already waited a month, what's a couple more days?}


  1. SUCH a perfect reception!!!! Pinterest loves your wedding. :)

  2. Gosh I love your spirit. I just love seeing this whole wedding journey of yours through your eyes. It's really beautiful! You'll treasure reading these posts over the years for sure.

    AND HELLO! That reception is simply chic. Absolutely love it.

  3. can your village come and build my wedding??? THANKS! seriously beautiful.

  4. the decorations pretty much knock my socks off in a big way. i remember when you told me your "vision" so long ago and it looks like it came together x 100. can't wait to hear/see the rest of the wedding story!

  5. What a completely lovely reception! I'm actually a little weird about weddings because it seems like they're almost "factory built" nowadays. It's wonderful to see a wedding that was such a collaborative event so full of personality, tasteful, and unique!

  6. SO gorgeous. I cannot wait to meet up... in person... like real friends do. :) Soon!

  7. Awesome just awesome :) Following you now. Can you drop some love at my place :) xxx


  8. Awesome just awesome :) Following you now. Can you drop some love at my place :) xxx


  9. Oh my, what a beautiful reception! I love all the little details, especially the colorful poms :) So adorable.