breaking the rules.

i'm very aware of the "bride and groom shouldn't see each other the morning of their wedding" rule.
i totally get it, but..

when some friends of ours told us how they took a walk together the morning of their wedding, 
we decided we wanted to do something similar.

i knew the day would be a whirlwind, and i wanted time to be together with mr. lesley.
just the two of us.

so bright and early on saturday morning he came to my rental, before anyone else was awake, while the morning felt so still
and the moment i saw his face, everything felt so right in the world.

before we could do anything else, we had to get coffee...
then we headed out to the pier.
the details of what we talked about are a little fuzzy now, but the quiet stillness of the morning and the deep love in both our hearts will stay with me forever.
we were even lucky enough to get a congrats phone call all the way from kosovo! 
thanks allison!
and alas, it was time to say goodbye and get ready for the most important day of our lives.
and what a day it was going to be.


  1. What a SWEET, AMAZING idea. That time will be so precious to you--FOREVER!

  2. i think that is such a sweet idea to have some time together-everyone says that on the day there is no time to just be together. lovely.

  3. my husband and I did this too! we meet super early in the morning for breakfast and it made me feel so less nervous and stressed about the whole day!

  4. Love this! I was so up for this and we are not the "ordinary" couple so I thought the Hubs would be gungho, but surprisingly he got all traditional on me, which was also sweet :) LOVE that you took pics and enjoyed it!

  5. I think that is pure awesomeness! Something you will remember always :) xoxo

  6. I love that you chose to spend a quiet moment together before your wedding! So sweet. I think I would have to do the same thing to keep from being an emotional wreck!

  7. What a special moment. Love it. I just got married and followed the rules. I love that you broke them and did what YOU wanted. Congrats!

  8. Oh I love this and I love that you did what spoke to your heart-- as someone who just celebrated their 11 year anniversary I can attest to the fact that the traditions you keep are not the things that matter most when you look back, unless of course they're what matter most in the moment. Cheers to you and your love.

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    Happiness Everyday.