and now...we decompress.

weddings take a lot out of you. 
like a whole lot.

and since mr. lesley and i had heard rumors of post wedding exhaustion, we decided to take a few days to relax before we headed out to mexico to relax some more.

we spent those couple of days...

::hanging out with family and friends at a post wedding brunch::
::meandering through south haven's harbor days with these lovelies::
::watching the sunset::
::leaving our mark on the beach::
::spending quality time with mr. gnome::
::relaxing at our little b&b::
::visiting the world renowned "wolf lake state fish hatchery" and feeding the fishies::
{mr. lesley sure does love his fish.}
::and, of course, visiting bell's::
{i couldn't get enough of the michigan mitten taster.}
relaxation in preparation for relaxation was not an easy task, but we did it.

riviera maya, mexico...prepare to be dominated.