wedding eve.

friday morning started off just right with manis and pedis all around.
well, unless you're lele, and then you just get a nice long soak while you watch everyone else get their nails did:) 
or, if you're me, the guy goes to town on your hands and feet and you are in a constant state of pain.
and you may even start bleeding.
but making these crazy toes pretty is no easy task, so i should really stop my whining.
that afternoon it was time to get our practice on.
calley went over all the details with the wedding coordinator...
(while i prayed under my breath for clear skies and no rain for their outdoor ceremony)
we walked up the aisle...
we walked down the aisle...
i may have gotten a little choked up...
and an hour or so later, calley and aaron were ready to tie the knot!
we tied up some loose ends on the decor part...
and headed to eat, drink, and celebrate the upcoming nuptials!
where mr. lesley and jayden threw a few back...
and we all sat around and talked and laughed and ate too much bbq.
it was pretty great.
then things started to get really good...
it was time for the speeches. 
and brian had us laughing and crying and then crying some more.
but even their best words could not compare to jayden's (our 6 year old nephew) two sentence speech.
it went a little something like this...

"thank you for always being there for me. congratulations on your wedding."

and that was all it took for everyone to burst into tears.
out of the mouths of babes, right? 

it was just so sweet and so heartfelt.
gosh, i love that kid.
as the night wound down, i managed to get one last picture of the devries/lords before they became the lords...
oh, and a shot of this awesomeness.
the rest of the night was spent furiously creating a slideshow, making sure all the logistics were in order, possibly some bickering between calley and myself (we are sisters after all) and finally, settling into bed with calley and lola. 

we needed our beauty sleep in order to soak in all the perfect goodness of the next day.


  1. Those toes are seriously amazing. I'm not sure if it's the angle or what, but damn girl. Those are some TOES! :)
    (You know I love them, right?)

    Great pics of the night--everything that was practiced and planned was worth it--the wedding was perfect.


  2. I need another wedding in my life. And some nail treatments. ;)

  3. love this. it makes me so excited for wedding season!

  4. love these pictures! and now i feel like i need a pedicure too.
    x jes, www.twosmuppies.com