my best friend's wedding.

on may 12, 2012 my sister got married, and it was absolutely perfect.
instead of rehashing all of the details for you, i will leave you with a ridiculous amount of pictures to document the day and my maid of honor speech.
i think it speaks to how much i love my sister and how ridiculously happy i am for her and aaron.

some people say all I really need to know I learned in kindergarten. well, i am here to tell you all i really need to know i learned from my big sister. 
it’s true. this lovely lady right here transformed me from a little girl with big hair and a misguided fashion sense to someone who can stand before you with a tamed head of hair and a little less awkward.
 it wasn’t an easy task, but calley is not one to shy down from a challenge.
first and foremost, my sister taught me that I was adopted. not exactly the first thing you want to hear when you’re 5 years old, but it gave me thick skin and a curious search for answers. 
and no, in case you were wondering, I was NOT adopted.
calley also taught me the importance of taking a shower.
unfortunately, i went through a stage where i was morally opposed to bathing and calley made it her mission to make fun of me until i had no choice but lather up. no matter what her methods, i know she always had my best interest in mind.
well, except for that time she cut my bangs to an ungodly short length the night before my 4th grade school pictures.
even then, she taught me how to have confidence. that no matter how bad your hair looked, you should rock those school pictures like you owned them. and never look back.
now, as i’ve grown a little older, and a little wiser, i’ve continued to look to my sister for guidance in just about every area of my life.
thankfully, not only have calley and i both lived in denver for the past few years, we had the privilege of being roommates, so her advice wasn’t limited to my awkward childhood.
as we lived up close and personal, she taught me to…
give, give and give some more...
if you know calley, you know she is the first one you can go to when you are in need of a listening ear, a new pair of jeans, some extra cash if you're down and out, or a word of encouragement.
her sensitive heart is always willing to go above and beyond for anyone and everyone who may need her.
next, she taught me that there's no such thing as a stranger.
calley has never met a stranger. 
in her entire life.
she is someone that everyone adores instantly.
she knows how to meet people exactly where they're at and become best friends in seconds.
her genuine interest and desire to know people is refreshing and completely real.
lastly, since i know you didn't come all this way to hear me go on and on about calley,
so let me finish by saying that calley has shown me how to embrace life, no matter what comes.
her grace in the midst of pain, difficulty, uncertainty, and grief is the perfect example of beauty and joy in every situation.
i have never laughed or cried harder with anyone else in my life because
she gives space for herself and the people around her to feel every ounce of the joys and sorrows life has to offer.
to me, calley will always be my sister, my mother, my guiding example, and my very best friend.
and now, as we gather here to celebrate the wedding of calley and aaron, 
i cannot adequately express in words how grateful i am for aaron and the love they share together.
i couldn't think of anyone more perfect for my sister,
a man of integrity who loves her fiercely and who i know will take care of her for the rest of his life.
if anyone deserves complete and utter happiness, 
calley and aaron, it's the two of you.
i would not be the woman i am today without you calley,
and i am forever grateful for your example.
you are the other half of me, 
and i thank God every day for the privilege it is to be your sister.
lastly, i know that our mom is smiling down on both of you today
with such pride and joy for the woman you've become and 
the man you've chosen to spend your life with.
so if everyone would raise their glasses to the perfect, amazing, and beautiful couple. 


  1. thanks for the good cry this morning! beautiful.

  2. That was really sweet. Calley is lucky to have a sister like you. xo

  3. So sweet. How dare you make me cry at work. ;) you are a great sister!

  4. how did you not blubber through every word of that! wonderful! also-LOVE your dress!

  5. That was absolutely beautiful. I'm filled with tears.

  6. this was soo sweet... loved the pics and little jokes you made referring to your sisters "advice" when you were young. =) congrats to your sis =) im new here, gonna stalk your blog a little more if thats ok =) hee he

  7. this is pure love. thank you so much for sharing.

  8. what a amazing tribute to your sister and her new hubby. the bond y'all share is amazing. thanks for the cry ;)

  9. aw! congrats to your bestie. what a gem of a friend you are. xo.

  10. Beautiful all around. Such a cute dress you're wearing!

  11. You are looking cute. I just love your hairstyle. I request you please upload an video of your hairstyle in the next article.