race without borders.

on april 21st, i, along with a group of people all over the country, will be running in the race without borders.
the race without borders is no ordinary race.
first, it can be run wherever you are (hence the name "race without borders":), and each of us is running to help steph and scott zibell raise money so they can bring their son or daughter home from ethiopia. 

and i need your help.
(you were just waiting to hear how you could get involved, right?) 

well, i am looking for people to sponsor me to run.
all i need is 10 people to donate $10, and i'm all set.
and steph and scott are that much closer to their baby.

if you're anything like me, you will spend $10 this week on starbies or fro yo or a couple beers.
and i think this is a much better cause, don't you? 

so, here's what you need to do..
1. go here to learn more about steph and scott's journey to adoption.
2. go here to read steph's blog. (we have to support fellow bloggers!) 
and lastly,
3. go here and donate away! 

so what are you waiting for? 
start clicking for goodness sake! 

p.s. feel free to share their story on twitter, facebook, your blog, on a banner flying from your personal jet, whatever. 
i know the zibell family will be eternally grateful!


  1. How precious is she! Newest follower, look froward to keeping up with your adventures :)

    xo Shane

  2. oh my gosh! your family is adorable! love love love!

  3. HANNAH! I just saw this! Thank you for the post! You are awesome (except at balancing on a ball...) :)