of monsters and men.

during one of my wedding shower games, i had to answer a series of questions that mr. lesley had also answered to see how many of our responses were a match. 

well, for one of the questions, it went something like this, 

your partner has too many...
a. clothes
b. movies
c. books

to which mr. lesley responded "clothes, but she also has too much depressing coffee shop music." 

yes, it's true.
i have a special spot in my heart for all things melancholy. 

so imagine my joy when mr. lesley of all people introduced me to this band this last week.

granted, they are a little more upbeat that some of my other favs, but they still fall into the coffee shop category.

i hope you like them as much as i do.

happy friday.

in other exciting news, mr. lesley and i are getting our engagment pictures taken tomorrow by the amazing steve willis.
here's to hoping i can channel my inner model.
(or at least keep my sweating at bay:)


  1. I just busted out laughing because my boyfriend told me my iPod sounds like Starbucks... We are music Twins. :)

  2. Please add this to our "I'm Fine" playlist! I am road tripping in June and I will NEED this.

  3. They are coming to Denver! Do you want to go together?!

  4. I am currently obsessed with this band! Do yourself a favor and listen to "love love love". It is simply amazing! They are playing at a big music festival in San Francisco this summer and I am dying to go.