the best weekend ever.

this weekend was chalk full of goodness. 
so much goodness that i had to take a 3 hour nap on sunday just to recover from all of it:)

on friday night, i...
had the best girls night ever with krista and nancy, which included buying fancy makeup, getting a makeover and making a new friend in the process (if you ever need your makeup done, you should probably go see sarah at nordstorm in cherry creek), and indulging at dbar. we sat at the bar and i was so mesmerized by the  chefs making all the desserts that i could barely talk. if you live in denver, going to d bar is a must in my book.
 oh, and there was also a little stop at the liquor store for a surprise for my honey. he is determined to find the squatch and he loves beer, so it just made sense:)

on saturday, i...
helped bring baby z home from ethiopia (go here to learn more), enjoyed a nice breakfast with my sis, and prepped for a very full day of engagement pictures. our amazing photographer, steve willis, drove all the way from kansas city to spend the day in denver and even up to loveland pass with us. i cannot wait to see the pictures. even from the little things i saw on the camera, i know they will be amazing. 
and mr. lesley and i got to make out all over the city. score.

on sunday, i...
helped mr. lesley gets some pictures for his upcoming grad project, went to church, and relaxed in the sun and dominated kickball with our church family (even children weren't exempt from my wrath). soaking in the sunshine and watching your pastor get super competitive are two of the best ways to spend a sunday afternoon. after kickball, we got to meet our honorary nephew leif! monica and kjaer welcomed their first baby on wednesday and are so amazing that they had us over for lunch. 
mr. lesley held his first newborn, and it was a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

this weekend was busy, busy, busy, but so full and wonderful. 
but, i mean, with girlfriends, makeup, dessert, a whole lot of  kissing and a whole lot of pictures, kickball, and a newborn how could you possibly go wrong?


  1. Nick holding a baby = amazing!

  2. i just love weekends full of fun and friends! They make my heart full. And a nap on sunday just sounds perfect!