friday goodness.

today is full of all kinds of goodness...

::new friend kim had the day off, so she brought me some starbies at work. 
her thoughtfulness made my day! 

::i had the chance to talk with a student from last year who is having a lot of problems at home. 
as we talked in the hallway, i was reminded of why i do what i do.
even when this job is more challenging than i would like, i feel privileged to be a source of hope and love to some who so desperately need it.

::speaking of teaching, one of my favorite people on the planet, who just happens to be my co-worker as well, kari posted this about our job as teachers, and i couldn't have said it any better myself. 

::i am very happy about this weekend's activities: live music, time with mr. lesley's aunt and uncle, a mani/pedi shopping date with kari, my big sis's wedding shower, a coffee date with blogosphere friend hopefully turned real life friend sarah, and to top it all off, a weather prediction of 60 degrees on sunday!

can't wait.


  1. wow, Kim is such big-hearted!

  2. sounds like a fab full weekend

  3. gosh you're a great person to look forward to. xoxo