a moment of clarity.

today as my students were taking a quiz...
and i was driven to the point of insanity because of the constant tapping of pencils...
i had a moment of clarity.

i finally understood why my middle school math teacher threw a box of kleanex at my friend who wouldn't stop sniffling.
and why that same teacher threw our papers on the floor and made us pick them up in a fit of rage. 

when i was in middle school, i thought she was looney tunes.
now i totally get it.

all middle school (well, any grade level for that matter) teachers have the capacity to go nuts. 
some of us can hold it together, and others of us, like my poor math teacher, just can't anymore.

and although i was able to keep my cool today,
 i had a whole lot of grace for her.


  1. OMG.
    Yes, yes and yes.
    Your poor math teacher WAS looney tunes...I know I am.
    Let's try to hold it together, together... :) xoxo

  2. Now, I'm trying to figure out who those teachers are :)

  3. i had one of thoe days yesterday-you have to work hard to keep it together-i just made my charges all sit in silence while i regained my cool....tough buggers-sometimes you just want to go outside and scream...! Well done for not throwing the duster! :)