we owned the night.

wednesday night we celebrated my sister turning the big 3-2 with some good old fashion country music.
darius rucket and lady antebellum (HOOTIE HOO!)

it was the best.
and with our amazing seats courtesy of calley's fiance, i definitely felt spoiled.
we arrived just in time to get in on some hootie goodness.
i know, i know.
he's like darius rucker now or something.
but he will always be hootie to me.
we had to take some group photos before lady a came out.
we're all pretty cute, but i think lysh and rachel take the cake with their adorable preggo stomachs. 
and because of them we got a better parking spot:)
soon enough, they dimmed the lights and lady a took the stage.
from that moment on, it was magical.
and about halfway through the night, they even let us come right up to the stage.
and i touched dave haywood's hand!!!! 
(and yes, i definitely felt like a crazy, love sick teenager as i was screaming and falling over people to touch him...wow). 
and when hootie came back to sing a song with them, calley touched his hand.
and i think she cried:)
this was definitely one of my top five favorite concerts.
from the lights and screens to their incredible talent to sharing the night with my sister...
it was a perfect reminder of why i love live music so much.

there is nothing quite like it.


  1. I LOVE Lady A and I'm extremely jealous of your great seats!!

  2. your pictures turned out awesome. such a great night!