snow day.

yesterday, it snowed.
a lot.

so much so that...
-your dog pees the second he walks out the door
-your car is unrecognizable
-your uniform for the day includes sweatpants, a sweatshirt, stocking cap, moon boots, and a parka
-and every school in the city closes it's doors.
(unless, you're like me and you already had the day off, but whatever.) 

even though i was a bit of a grouch after talking with the caterer that morning, 
(sidenote: how does anyone afford to have a nice wedding these days?)
meeting up with some friends at sugar bake shop in our neighborhood gave me reason to smile again.
they even had typewriters set up where you could write little love notes.
of course, i had to write a little something for mr. lesley.
we sat around enjoying our coffee, little baked treats, and each other's company.
then it was time to hit the road again...
our afternoon consisted of...
-cleaning out princess louise's habitat
-a couple episodes of how i met your mother
-a delicious little egg scramble courtesy of mr. lesley's roomie benjamin
-a good old fashioned nap
-running through the snow with sir winston
-and spending time with one of our favorite couples, kjaer and monica.
(kjaer and mr. lesley played video games while monica and i talked blogs, weddings, cooking, etc.
she recently started a blog. it's fabulous. and you should check it out).

we ended the day with a spaghetti squash recipe i found on pinterest.
 and it was delicious.
i think i will spend the next two days begging and pleading God for the snow to continue until spring break.
a girl can dream, right? 


  1. beautiful. you and the snow :)

  2. you had a day off because you knew it would be snowing...or was it saturday?? that is something i miss about being in Africa. even in Kuwait, we had days off sometimes - 'dust days' -dues to sandstorms...here...nothing. those surptise days off are so great x

    oh-weddings that people can afford-don't happen. sadly. unless you order things for 'birthdays' and don't mention the 'w' thing to organisations x

  3. thanks for the mad props. of course, your blog was a wonderful read... as always.

    had so much fun having "girl time" with you while our boys were busy. we'll have to do it again soon!

  4. I heard about all of the snow, what a fun snow day! I love the albert camus quote, it may be a new favorite.