snow boot shenanigans.

mr. lesley picked me up bright and early saturday morning for the most important event of the season.
the downtown denver rei garage sale.

the falling snow couldn't stop us from getting a good deal, so we got some starbucks, waited in line, got our tickets, and found out, unfortunately, our tickets were picked to go into the sale second to last:(
(yes, there are so many people who come that you have to wait outside, to pick a colored ticket, to have them draw and put the colors in order, then they let the first group into the sale room. it's a little intense:) 

since we had a good amount of time before our group was allowed in, we drove to goodwill to get some records i had been eyeing for a week.
it was half off day after all.
about 10 minutes later we walked out of the store with 200 records that we're planning to use like this.
i'm pretty pumped to have decided on at least one piece of the reception decor.
we headed back to rei post goodwill, waited in line a little more, and then took off like crazies through the doors to rummage and plunder.
i scored a pair of snow pants and these amazing new snow boots!
with all the snow we got the past few days, they were awesome.
how did i ever survive without snow boots?
i have now seen the light and may never wear flats in the winter again.
after rei, we had to go to the mall to get mr. lesley some new jeans.
i'm so thankful for my sister and her job as ruler of the world at silver jeans.
if you don't have a pair, we probably shouldn't be friends. just sayin'.

we also did a little browsing of vests and ties for the menfolk to wear for the wedding.
please tell me why every vest has some obnoxious colored silk on the back? 
so, so ugly.
needless to say, we didn't have much luck.
(sidenote: if anyone out there has a good suggestion of where to get mr. lesley and his boys' wedding clothes...grey suits...let me know:)
that night two of my favorite people in the whole world, heather and jason, came down from fort collins for dinner and a sleep over.
we joined my sister and her fiance for some great eats at karma asian fusion and delicious drinks (including their famous sangria) at sketch wine bar.
have i mentioned that i love my neighborhood? 
because i really, really do.
i spent the whole walk there and the whole walk home demonstrating the awesomeness of my snow boots by jumping in every snow pile in sight. 
apparently, mr. lesley thought jumping in them wasn't enough, and he decided to pick me up and throw me into the snowbank. 
awwww, middle school love.
after church on sunday, heather, jason, mr. lesley, sir winston, and i went to wash park to get a little cardio in before stuffing ourselves silly while watching the super bowl.
the sun was shining; the snow was deep; it was great.
sir winston was especially happy, as he got more time to run through the snow and chase the geese.
he was extra pumped when mr. lesley let him off his leash and told me to call him.
i definitely had a panic attack and tackled sir winston when he got close enough.
apparently, mr. lesley has no fear of him running into the road.
i, on the other hand, got a glimpse of my motherly instincts and was just seconds away from needing to breath into a paper bag.
good thing mr. lesley can keep his cool.
after the park, we went back to my place, made a lot of delicious food, hung out with our friends ben and clint, and watched the superbowl, which up until the last couple of minutes was kind of a snooze fest.
well, minus the m&m commercial. oh, and madonna's ridiculousness.
those were the highlights for me.
hope your weekend was as fun as jumping into snow drifts with new kicks!


  1. That picture of Nick trying on jeans could quite possibly be my favorite.

    Do you think your sister could hook me up with a pair?!

  2. I love your snow boots and am glad you own them. I also love what you're doing with the records. Finally, my brother and his groomsmen found cheap(ish) suits at the Banana Republic outlet in Castle Rock. In conclusion, those are all the things I wanted to say to you about this blog.

  3. The picture of the lake is AMAZING. I sort of want to steal it and make it my desktop background.... since stupid CA has NO snow. Ever.

    Also....I love reading about you guys. Your love is so inspiring.