showering with my besties (yes, i intended the title to be awkward:)

this past weekend my sister and i flew back to rockford for a joint wedding shower with some of our favorite people ever.

tenille, stephanie, lele, and chrissy worked so hard and really made calley and i feel loved.
we walked in to the adorable decorations (pom poms!)...
and delicious food.
and those mimosas really hit the spot too!
it was SO good to see our family and friends, especially having all my high school girlies all together.
love them so much.
we played some games...
kristin (who just happens to know all of angelina jolie's babies' names...incredible)
and lele (who may not have known the date of my wedding, but definitely knew my first boyfriend and first kiss)
came out victorious!
then it was time for dessert!
both were amazing!
i mean, homemade cream puffs?
we opened our gifts, and i was amazed at everyone's generosity.
i can't wait to go dominate bed, bath, and beyond with all of our gift cards!
i am now well on my way to becoming a wifey and creating a home for us.
before anyone left, i had to take advantage of the photo opps...
everyone was like, "guys, she needs these for her blog!"
they know me so well:)

(i especially love this first one of the women in my family.
i love them all so much.)
i am so thankful for so many supportive women in my life.
they have made this season full of joy and excitement.
and i have needed that more than they will ever know.
thank you four from the bottom of my heart for such a great afternoon.
calley and i definitely felt so, so loved.


  1. sounds like you had so much fun! you deserve the best! :) cheers!h

  2. So good to see you! You are real :) I had such a great time - wish I could click my heels and do it all again.

    Love you guys! xo