in everything, give thanks.

if you are looking for a family who has endured more tragedy than anyone should ever have to, look no further than mr. lesley's family.

and if you are also searching for a family who has responded with strength, grace, and more love than humanly possible, look no further than his family as well. 

our thanksgiving plans changed when we received the call that his grandpa had passed away.
we got on a flight to michigan as soon as possible to both grieve and celebrate his grandfather's life.

with this being the third death in the last six months, the family was all to familiar with the process. 

but in the midst of it all, they still found the strength to celebrate being together, especially for thanksgiving. 

the day was filled with...

1. football (i mean, of course)
2. more delicious food than i thought possible
3. gorging ourselves to our heart's content
4. feeling the weight of such gorging
5. and ending it all off with a slice of pumpkin pie (it's not thanksgiving without pumpkin pie after all)
thanksgiving is such a powerful holiday on it's own,
but it's even more powerful in the midst of tragedy and loss.

as one new to the family, i am thankful for their example. 

yes, in everything, give thanks.

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  1. I'm so thankful that you get to join such a great family.