"i felt so fancy, i even held in my gas."

don't mean to brag or anything, but mr. lesley, his sister leighann, and i scored first class seats on our flight back from mighigan (sorry matt!)
we drank out of fancy glass glasses (no plastic for us folks)...
ate as many snacks as we wanted (those goldfish were dominated, let me tell you)...
sat next to celebrities (ever heard of grand theft auto? yeah, leighann chatted with the creator, no bigs)...
had more leg room than you could even fathom (no restless leg syndrome here)...
drank alcohol for free (ever heard of heineken? it's the epitome of fancy!) 
and referred to everyone in coach as mere "commoners."

i think i've been ruined forever. 


  1. um...i returned from my coach level flight today to a home with no power because my landlord didn't pay the electricity bill. i am more than jealous of your little first class sensation.

  2. I bet your only wish was the flight was longer....sounds like a decadent time.