a waka waka wedding.

john and bethany's wedding day started off with some major prep work. 
of the venue, of course, but mostly of our hot bods.

we loaded up into the 15 passenger (traveling in style) and made our way to the salon to get all dolled up for the event of the century.
hairspray and perfume filled the air...
along with a lot of good yucking, of course.
mr. lesley was kind enough to bring us starbucks (gosh, i love that guy) and i partook of my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season.
so glorious.

and i was fortunate enough to have the one and only mandi cody do my hair.
i was so thankful! 
i don't think i've metioned how much i love this girl. 
she makes me laugh and feel like a hundred bucks all at the same time. 
she's kinda the best.
before we knew it, bethany was putting on her gown and doing the final touches to get ready for pictures.
we all stood around, stared, and sighed at the beauty of the moment.
before we headed off for pictures, i just had to snap a few shots of the mural outside the salon.
i had a tractor beam straight for the heart. 
our first photo shoot of the day was on top of a parking garage. 
very, very cool.
and i was loving that couch.

the sun was pretty brutal, but we stayed strong.
the truck wasn't originally included in the shoot, but i liked it:)
and that bouquet.
i was dying of its awesomeness.
then we were off to site #2.
that red wagon was GENIUS for carrying all our stuff.
totally brilliant.
this spot was just lovely...
the brick...
and this colorful wall were perfect.
i'm glad i got a chance to take some photos of these two amazing families...
and some glamour shot action with christina.
isn't she beautiful?
some of the bridesmaids had to get in on the wall action too!
then it was TIME, so we got some final pictures...
and made our way to the venue.
the ceremony was perfect.
not too long, and not too short.
with the perfect amount of jesus and sincerity in the mix.
and i didn't fall in my high heels, so i was pretty pumped.
after the ceremony,
i reunited with mr. lesley...
made sure to photograph all the decorations i was drooling over...
listened to the heartfelt speeches... 
(great job chels!)
and then it was time for the real party to begin.
(now, just because we went to a college that "frowned upon" dancing, all of us ORU girlies pretty much dominated the dance floor.
and christina dominated the bouquet toss..
mr. lesley was patient with my left feet and spun me around the dance floor like a pro! 
then it was time for the last dance of the night...
it brought out everyone's inner african and got them dancing like fools on the dance floor.
at last, we said farewell to the happy couple...
and they were whisked away in their chariot...
which just happened to be driven by a bird woman of sorts.
to close out the night, we stopped by the can can, one of salem's finest dive bars, for a beverage with chels and co. and then headed back to the homestead.

the next morning, we took off for denver.
and i left the weekend with such a full and grateful heart.

until the next wedding ladies...


  1. I could not say enough amazing things about what I love in this post. ALL.

    But your dresses are adorable and so are you and Mr. Lesley together. Loves.