Aloha Au Ia 'Oe

saturday morning started off with a long run around salem with my new favorite marathon buddy adri...
we recently realized we were both running our marathons on october 9th 
(hers in long beach and mine in denver).
what a kawinkydink:) 

it's so nice to chat with another girl about the highs and lows of marathon training.
you know, asking, "have you ever chaffed (insert mystery spot here)?" 
it feels good to know i'm not alone in my misery. 
we also shared our favorite running tunes, motivation for doing this ridiculously long race, and how good it feels to accomplish something we never dreamed possible.
it was lovely.

the afternoon time was spent picking up all the dresses from the bridal shop, welcoming mr. lesley to salem, and venturing out to find some hawaiian shirts for the rehearsal dinner luau that evening.

the shindig was hosted by bethany's aunt and uncle at their amazing home right on the willamette river.
rachel, christina, and i insisted on a little photo shoot action before the dinner started.
mr. lesley graciously agreed to be our photographer.
and i have to say, rachel earns the title of best hawaiian shirt of ALL TIME.
yes, the entire bottom of the shirt is lined with corona bottles.
such a jem of a find.
shortly after getting there, i was reunited with one of my favorites, the one and only char!
she is one hot california lady now.
and still as hilarious as ever.
(sidenote: mr. lesley now refers to her as, "my best friend char", so i think she really won him over:) 
after our delicious meal, john and bethany took the stage with shout outs and special gifts for all of the bridal party...
then we took a walk down to the lake to take in the beautiful sunset...
and, of course, ended the evening with a group photo.
ORU girls are pretty good lookin' if i do say so myself.
in preparation for the wedding the next day, we got home, put on our pjs, and watched "never say never."
you know, the justin beiber movie (at adri's request of course).
and i fell asleep.

in my defense, i had to get ready to cut a serious rug at the wedding festivities the next day.
adequate sleep is essential to give my limbs a full range of motion.


  1. What a fun time! You ladies are adorable.



  2. One thing is for sure, your friend Adri is a smart woman. "Never Say Never" is not one to sleep through, Hannah. I have seen it twice. Get in the game, new friend.

  3. What a FUN day!! I miss having sleepovers :)