sunday funday.

i like sundays and yesterday was one of the best. 
it started out the way any good day does...
a 13.5 mile run:) 

that marathon isn't getting any further away, so mr. lesley and i hit the road.
as i was running, i couldn't help but think of my high school self. 
i was the girl who ate snicker's bars and drank wild cherry pepsi for breakfast everyday with the extra weight to prove it. 
now i'm training for a marathon, and it feels FANTASTIC.

the afternoon called for a a joint families/farewell lunch.
my dad was in town to move my broskie back to rockford so we all went out to ted's to wish them safe traveles.
and it was fun for mr. lesley sr. to meet my pops and bro! 
after lunch it was time for the real adventure to begin...
white water rafting.
since mr. lesley sr. was in town, mr. lesley jr. thought it would be a fun colorado-y thing to do on his last full day.
i was pumped since i'd never been before and after watching a lot of expedition impossible, i definitely felt up to the task.

(i told everyone to do their most excited face...i guess leighann was the only one who got the memo:) 
we couldn't all fit in one raft, so we had to split up:(

mr. lesley sr., mr. lesley jr., and i went in one and leighann, kristin, brandon, and sarah went in the other. 

our guide, pablo, from costa rica, led us through the 2 miles of beginner rapids and railed on the front couple, especially the guy.
"guys...paddle t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r."
with pablo's 16 years of experience in both the US and costa rica, i knew we were in good hands as we made our way into the more treacherous waters.
(even when we didn't meet his paddling standards:) 
i have to say, he was very nice though.
and his wife has a baby on the way! 
congrats pablo!
after looking at the pictures, i've come to two conclusions...
1. i like to hold my paddle as vertical as possible.
2.mr. lesley sr. has the best paddling face ever.
since our group made it down some big rapids first, pablo let us hang out and watch the rest of the group come down. 

literally seconds before they started, i said to mr. lesley jr. "i really hope no one falls out." 
well...let's just say my hope didn't come true...
and we watched helplessly as kristin tumbled down the rocks...
 but quickly got right back in and started paddling like a champ. 
too bad her toenail didn't fare as well as the rest of her body:( 

i was proud of both of our groups and truly enjoyed my adventure on the rapids. 
next time i think i might want to try even more intense waters, so i should probably start practicing my paddling skills.
wouldn't want to disappoint pablo after all! 

to end the day, we had dinner at the rackhause pub inside the stranahan's whiskey distillery...
they kinda have the best mac n' cheese/club sandwich known to man, so it just made sense.
and the moscow mule wasn't bad either:) 
(oprah would be so proud!) 

cheers to sunday! 
and staying alive amidst treacherous waters.


  1. Sounds fantastic! I love white water rafting...actually that's not true...I like white water rafting when I have finished it, alive!

  2. You packed this all into one Sunday?! Go you! I've never been white water rafting, but I would definitely love to. This pushed me toward it a little bit more!

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