overheating. not for the faint of heart.

thursday night i celebrated the last night of my grad class by high tailing it to the mumford and sons show.
granted i did almost have a breakdown because i couldn't parallel park, but that's besides the point.

mr.lesley, his cousin sean, and our friends heather and jason all crowded down at the front to get very close and personal with a couple hundred strangers and see m & s of course...

while calley and lysh made the smart call and hung out in the back where they was plenty of room for dancing.

everything was going well until...
i got that feeling.
you know what i'm talking about...
the feeling, "if i don't move fast, i'm going to spew all over myself."

the next 10 minutes or so looked something like this...
turn to mr. lesley and say "i gotta get out of here"---->sit down, head in hands -----> usher, "you ok?"----->mr. lesley holds me up as i walk to a trashcan while yelling "i can't see! i can't see!" and almost passing out ----->yep, lose my cookies-----> hang out with the nicest parametics around who thank me for not being drunk -----> drink water-----> recover from overheating-----> find a new spot sans crowds and continue enjoying the show:)

note to self: concerts are much more fun when you aren't sharing sweat with a stranger. 
room to dance is necessary.
and arms width apart may keep you from spending time with the paramedics in polos in the back corner.

mumford and sons closed with "the cave" and it was A-MAZING.
hands in the air. brights lights. dancing my heart out.

hopefully next time i see them won't be quite as dramatic.
and i will keep all my cookies to myself.


  1. Hannah--I'm so sorry this happened. I actually had a similar experience at an Allman Brothers concert. I fainted, and not from being drunk--from dehydration. I had to spend a lot of the concert in the medical tent downing water!

  2. Remember that time you were concerned that you would be too hot before the concert? Remember how I said you'd be fine? Clearly I know nothing, and you should never take my advice.

    I'm glad to hear that you rallied back at the end, though. You are a champ.

  3. FIRST OF ALL: BEYOND jealous for you getting to see these amazing shows. ESPECIALLY mumford.

    Second, I have passed out BEYOND the normal amount of times. But the worst was at an Imogen Heap concert I passed out, had a seizure and almost had to leave before the show started. It turned out ok after some water and they gave us VIP seats. Pretty cool. But still....not a fun thing.