He is risen indeed.

easter '11 started out the way every easter should...


my sister was very adamant about us exchanging baskets.
in her words, "we shouldn't wait until there are kids around to do fun stuff like this."

i'm glad she's so awesome.
i got perfume, lotion, and matching anthro mugs out of the deal (one with an "h" and one with an "n"...adorable).

and don't worry...
those stuffed animals are for the dogs.

we aren't that juvenile.
and stuffed animals really freak me out anyway.


then mr. lesley and i headed off to church.
have i mentioned yet how much i LOVE our church?
it really feels like home.

people are nice.
the sermons are great.
strangers invite us to easter lunch.
kids dance in the aisles as everyone chats at the end of the service.
it's the perfect spot for us.


after church, we started a new holiday tradition.
record exchange!

we each get to pick out a record (or 2 in my case today) and then we buy it for each other.
mr. lesley chose a fruit bats album and i picked up some james taylor and adele.
it was his idea, and i'm definitely a fan.

any and all holidays get record exchanges...
even rosh hashanah (although we don't even know what that is or when it's celebrated).


oh yeah, and then, because our church is awesome, one of the pastors (not the aforementioned stranger, although she did invite us too) invited us over to their house for easter dinner.

it was so, so great.
nice people.
good food.
great times.

next, when we got back to my place it was CRAFT TIME!
(thanks caryn!)


and last but not least, we HAD to dye easter eggs.
i mean, duh!


my eggs...xoxo, he is risen!, and n+h=<3
mr. lesley's eggs...nick is hot, hannah is my fav, and i <3 unicorns.

i have no words

happy easter everybody!

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  1. i fully support the purchasing of fruitbats in any form. :-) they're fun. glad you guys had such an excellent afternoon!