watch hannah cook.

confession: i've never really cooked a meal
(well, until this past saturday that is).
i know, i know.
i just lost woman points.
my head is hung in shame as i type.
i mean...i help out.
and i'm good at cleaning up.
but i get anxious when thinking about cooking.
it's so...much...pressure.
but out of love for mr. lesley i decided it was time i got into the kitchen and gave it a shot.

i tried hard to concentrate on the task at hand, so i didn't get many pics.
although, i think the ones i did get will give you an accurate picture of my experience.
for some reason, chicken cordon bleu and brussel sprouts sounded good, so i looked up the recipes and went for it.
first thing: meat of any kind scares me (as you can probably tell by my face).
and one time i cut my finger when opening a bag of salsa at applebees, so i'm not too fond of knives either (i even have the scar to prove it)...
so slicing the chicken in half wasn't the best way to start off this fiasco.
fortunately, mr. lesley swooped in and cut the chicken for me.
sidenote- isn't this apron ADORABLE?
anthropologie aprons are the BEST!


next, the directions said to stuff the chicken and fold them in half.
why aren't directions more specific?
they should have said "fold the chicken hot dog, not hamburger, style."
it took me a long time to figure out i was doing something wrong.


after an emergency trip to the grocery store for tooth picks (thanks again mr. lesley)...
and post realizing what "fold" meant...
and after cutting off all the extra ham and swiss...
the real cooking began...


then it was time for the sprouts...
(i know, who likes brussel sprouts? but actually if you're a hater, you should give them another shot...they're actually quite delicious).
and what's a good vegetable without adding a half stick of butter, multiple spices, brown sugar, and walnuts to it:)
so that's exactly what i did.
although there were WAY too many walnuts. whoops.
everyone likes roasted nuts, right?


now presenting...
the final meal!
a little wine cream sauce on the chicken and buttered bread...
and you've got yourself a pretty good dinner.
if i do say so myself.


and mr. lesley went back for seconds and thirds...
so i take that as a good sign as well:)


who knows...maybe i'll cook another meal in the near future:)
i can't put a time frame on it folks.
it's gotta be organic.


  1. fancy! four things I thought of while reading:

    1. I want that apron.
    2. I love that we share a hatred for raw meat.
    3. I would drink that butter out of the pan. (tmi?)
    4. you guys are super super super cute.

  2. Awesome. I sure hope you've made your sweet potato pie for this guy. Also, there's this website, food 52, and sometimes on their blog they post step by step photos of recipes! It is extremely helpful.

  3. Haha! Despite everything, I think your meal turned out great!! And I heart that apron :)

  4. babahaha. we are identical. i, like kara, also have a hatred for raw meat. it's so gross, why would anyone want to touch that? actually why would anyone want to touch ANY food. i hate touching food. i like to clean. let me do the dishes and wipe the counters. im good at that.

    i also have a fear of knifes. i hold them like they are going to kill me.

  5. I love how you've never cooked a real meal before, yet you have a Rachel Ray-status killer apron! LOL. :o) I hear ya on the cooking. Married life has made me face this daunting fear as well. Everyday is...ugh, an adventure we'll say.

  6. mmmm, looks delicious. perhaps i'll give it a try oen of these days. cant wait to hear more about your adventures cooking.
    And yes, the apron is adorable.