baby, it's cold outside.

and by cold, i mean like -20 degrees cold
(without wind chill, mind you).

so cold...
-your dog starts limping from his paws touching the pavement.
-your skinny jeans freeze to your legs.
-your nose hairs attach themselves to your nose ring at every inhale.

-aurora public schools closes down for 2 days in a row
(insert wild applause here).

in order to relish in the time off, i...

1. went to barnes and noble for some quality reading time.
2. snuggled with sir winston.
3. bought 17 again and the first season of dawson's creek from the used dvd store (confession: i love dawson's creek and secretly wish i was as cool as and had the vocabulary of joey potter).
4. went on a date to the movies with mr. lesley (and actually really enjoyed it)...the fighter is one fabulous movie with incredible acting!


5. made my first over easy egg!


6. pulled out my trusty craft box and created a little wall art.


(a few canvases+ craft paint+anthropology magazines+buttons (duh!)+modge podge= craftastic!)


7. used our coups at village inn...don't judge us...it was delicious.


(they have the best pie in america...btw...and on wednesday's it's "pie rush wednesday"...a free slice of pie for everyone...so don't judge village inn...you don't even know what you're missing.)


8. took a trip to r.e.i./petsmart to get sir winston a new hoodie (!) and some snow booties!
(the booties are for his little feet in the snow and the hoodie was more for me:)
he's ecstatic, as you can tell.


mr. lesley and i were planning on taking winston to estes park to go snow shoeing tomorrow, but alas, the temps are still too frigid:(

here's to another day in my pj's, watching every episode of the office!



  1. your life is full of my favorite things.

  2. AH you are so cute! I'm obsessed with that wall art and going to immediately copy you. Seriously. Okay, well, maybe I'll wait to I (finally) have my own place to decorate (dear GOD, when will that be? ughhh).

    PS: I saw that you're a new follower of my blog and I'm thrilled! Thanks!

    PPS: I may or may not be following yours now, too. Haha. I just couldn't help myself - you're adorable!

  3. haha, "your skinny jeans stick to your legs" made me laugh. i loved dawsons creek when it was on back in the day :)