just call me coach.

i know it's really hard to spot me in this pic.
i don't stand out at all.
why didn't i get the red shirt memo?
dang it.
(good thing our beloved manager/mascot joined me in the white shirt movement.)


in case you haven't figured it out yet, i was a 7th grade volleyball coach this year.
yeah, i know.
how did a girl who never played before IN HER LIFE get to coach?

apparently the only criteria for coaching middle school volleyball is...

1. enjoy watching girls run.
2. laugh a lot with one of your besties (a.k.a. the head coach).
3. talk about middle school boys on the bus back from away games (and tell middle school girls to stay FAR away).
4. yell "move your feet" more times than you could ever imagine.
5. hold a clipboard as if your life depends on it.
6. see the one girl who could NEVER get the ball over the net on a serve, get the winning point in the last game and hold back your strong desire to hoist her on your shoulders and run around the gym.
7. watch girls go from clueless daria clones (please tell me you get this reference...if not, educate yourself here) to skilled volleyball beasts.

yes, maybe in the beginning they had attitude...
and it's possible that they couldn't hit the ball to save their lives...

BUT ...

they made me so very proud.

in their words, "lady spartans all the way!"

bump, set, spike.



  1. hannah i'm so impressed you were a volleyball coach!! i bet the girls loved you :).

  2. I hope at some point in the future you consider installing the "perpetual encouragement" tactic employed first at Tiger Rock Park - Beidaihe Beach. Everything gets claps and encouragement, constant cheering and constant clapping.

  3. serioulsy, coach. you were amazing. #2 is my fav. (oh and the image of you hoisting Beatrice on your shoulders...) I love you.