H & N's Excellent Christmas Adventures - Day 5

no christmas celebration would be complete without...

i think we both did pretty good this year.

mr. lesley received...
-a new flannel
-threadless t-shirt
-travelocity knome (to take with us on all our future adventures)
-sherlock homes book (he was obsessed with the audio version on our portland road trip)

and his favorite...

-a new camping stove/grill.


i received...
-sock mockey gloves (adorable)
-boxer shorts (i always wanted some of my own...they are so intriguing to me)
-my rosie thomas set list framed (i was uber excited about this one)
-a GPS (hooray for no longer driving in circles and pounding on my stearing wheel!)
-and coming in the mail...this guy to hold my records (i can't wait)!


what an amazing christmas...
and we're still 7 days out!

i am one. lucky. girl.



  1. those are the cutest gloves I've ever seen.
    (and I've seen some cute ones)

  2. I agree with Kara, those gloves are incredible. I'm so glad you are having such a happy Christmas! I guess Denver was a good idea after all.

    Whenever I see any family Christmas card picture of any sort, I can't help but think of the one you did with your friends in college and laugh. Olan Mills knows how to capture moments, he does.

    Miss you, Hanner.