H & N's Excellent Christmas Adventures - Day 3

before you judge me, i just have to say...
i didn't have a typical childhood, and i'm not the biggest movie fan.
now with that said, i have a confession...
i've never seen any of the charlie brown holiday specials.

phew. i feel better to have gotten that out there.

BUT i am no longer ignorant to the wonder of "charlie brown christmas."
i finally took the plunge, put on my pjs, drank some hot chocolate, and feasted on the adorableness that is charlie brown and co.

i now know what all the fuss is all about.



my favorite scene you ask?
i kinda couldn't get enough of this one...

the little guy in the orange shirt is my FAVORITE!

what did i learn?

thanks for the life lessons charlie brown!


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  1. charlie brown is the best! I love that movie.