life lesson #958658767

if someone says they are giving away english bulldog puppies for free...
run far, far away.

you see, after reading this post,
i kinda became obsessed with getting a little bulldog of my own.

some people think they're ugly.
i think they're perfect.

i had already decided on a name.
or debra when she's bad.
or debbie when we're having fun and she's being silly.

so i started the search for a puppy and found a website full of free bulldogs.
i sent out an email and got this response...

I am so impressed with your inquiry about adopting my babies. i have
been looking for a home for them for a while now but not only a home
but a forever home for them.. firstly let me tell you about them. They
are called Cassie and Benny . They are 12 weeks old and they are all registered with the following animal registration club that is Akc and are veterinary checked and vaccinated and have all health records till date and housing documents vet check and micro chip,and currently under all shots and vaccines. They go along with kids and other home pets,actually i am not selling these puppies as all i need is a nice and lovely home were they can be spoil with so much love and care. before we proceed i will love to ask some few
questions , Were about are you located.......?
Are you a breeder.............?
Do you have a vet around you..........?
Do you have any experience with pets......... ?
Do you want the male(Benny) or the female (Cassie)......? or Both
How Soon will you need the puppy............?

Some information about my puppies

She is house Trained and Potty.
She does not bark a lot.
She eat 2 times daily and at afternoons she drinks Milk .
She Is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .
She is a portable baby.
She likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled
...... -She likes to be kissed .
She gets angry when you shout at her, so don't do all that.

He is house and potty
He barks more than Cassie but not to much.
He eats 2 times a day and drinks milk at noon.
He likes to keep him self away from the crowd but is also socialized.
He's also a portable baby.
He feels shy when carried.
He also likes to be kissed..
He barks when he sees strangers.

Thanks a lot.
Mrs. Maureen

a little strange, but i went with it.

i asked when i could see the puppies, only to get this response....

Hello again ,
Thanks for your speedy reply, okay the female one is called Cassie . I was just trying to make sure that i don't make a mistake in getting my little puppy a good home. Since you have promised to take good care of her, then i must say, i am delighted and happy that Cassie will be going to such a pet loving Family were she will be given all the love she deserves . As concerning her coming over to you, i don't know if you will like to come pick her up because i am presently in Seattle Washington for an urgent new job with Cassie and it will take us 4 months which is the more reason why I'm given her out. If you prefer coming over to our home,just write to me so that i can send to you my home address. If you think you won't be able, then i don't know if we can use a delivery company here who can delivery Cassie over to you at your door steps and it will be more easier and quicker but will need to provide me with your full delivery following information so that i can get her registered with a home delivery agency and your names and home address for delivery to be done as soon as possible that will deliver her to you at your door steps which will cost you $300 for her to be delivered over to you. I am not asking for any adoption fee since you have promise me that you are going to take very good care of Cassie, all i want you do, is for you to take very good care of Cassie and also pay her delivery fee. Note that you will be making the payment directly to the delivery company who will be in charge of delivering Cassie over to you.Here are the information i will be needing to go and get Cassie registered below,

Full names...................................?
Zip code.........................................?
home address...........................?
Phone number ...........?
Nearest airport to your location..............................?

That will be all that i will be needing from you so that i can get
Cassie registered today using those above information.
My regards to your family.
Mrs. Maureen

very, very strange.
and after a little research...
i realized this is a pretty common internet scam.

make unsuspecting people think they are paying for a puppy to be shipped to them...
and then they wait...and wait...and wait....
and the puppy never comes.

i have to admit, i got a little depressed.
too bad their are such mean people in the world.
and a quality english bulldog puppy costs anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000

but don't worry.
little debbie.
give me a couple years to save my nickels and dimes...
and we'll be lounging around in no time.



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  1. # 1. I love rockstar diaries. I want to just have lunch with her. and maybe go shopping too.

    #2. i have also always wanted an english bulldog. we should save our monies, then take them on play dates.

    #3. i know someone who DID get internet scammed like this. sucks for her. but smart for you to figure it out!