dear kari...


teaching is hard.
like really, really hard.
as you very well know.
most days i think we both leave thinking about all the things we could have done, should have done, etc.
the failures seem much more present than the successes.

but today, i want you to remember...

i want you to remember...

-the student who called, even though she's now in high school, and started crying because it was so good to hear YOUR voice
-the rockies game where YOU made 2 boys feel like they were on top of the world
-when noe brought YOU his science project because he wanted YOU to see it and no one else
-singing justin bieber karaoke with our students at the top of our lungs
-the light of your day that is robby...YOU make that child feel at home in his new country
-reading your 3rd periods literary criticisms...they couldn't have done it without YOU
-beatrice. she adores YOU. ever think about just how many times she comes to YOUR room after school?

maybe today your kids didn't get it.
maybe they were too clueless, too self absorbed to realize the honor it is to be your student.
and maybe it will take awhile.
but they'll get it.

they'll think of you and know that they were loved beyond what they could have ever deserved.
and they will be grateful.
grateful to be among the lucky ones who had mrs. laniel as their teacher.


  1. I just fixed my make-up. Now I am crying again.

    But I don't care. Thank you my dear friend. I am so grateful for you. (those lame words do not seem like enough...)

    I know I couldn't survive this career choice without you.


  2. I don't really know Kari that well, but this made me cry! 1. B/c I hear your stories and see how much you care for your students. 2. I know the little things will pay off in the end. Thanks for devoting so much time, passion, and love to your students. Love you!