now presenting...


my very own RECORD PLAYER!

here's the timeline...

1. nick buys me a record player for my birthday!!!! (best...gift...ever) - may 20th
2. his parents bring his receiver from michigan - july-ish
3. i talk about how i really need to buy speakers, while the record player and receiver hang out in my closer - july-ish to about a week ago (a.k.a. a looooooooong time).
4. light bulb moment hits - maybe my sister's bf has speakers i could borrow? - a couple days ago
5. sister's bf brings over speakers - yesterday (!)
6. we plug in some cords and dink around a bit and...SUCCESS. - a couple hours ago (!)
7. i am lesson planning, sipping on coffee, and listening to the blissful melodies of blind pilot (who i just happen to be going to see live tonight) - right now (!).

i am happy.


1 comment:

  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!! Wow....that was a long time! I have loads of records at my house in rockford....old ones....cool ones....maybe I'll let you have one for Christmas...maybe.