biffo the birthday girl.


i love bethany because she...
(a.k.a. 28 reasons why this girl is fabulous)

1. is the craftiest beaver i know.
2. loves hearts, polka dots, birds, and bunnies.
3. inspires my heart on so many levels.
4. should be on broadway (she can belt it with the best of 'em...seriously).
5. used to jump on a trampoline as an adolescent for exercise (with a tape player of course).
6. loves on babies and mamas tirelessly everyday.
7. drives a vw bug.
8. can impersonate just about anyone.
9. has a gift for acronyms (JBHLIR, BPTD, SPU...just to name a few).
10. loves to read!
11. is a professional scrap journalist.
12. loves jesus. a lot.
13. stands up for her life.
14. loves a nice glass of wine, banana carmel pancakes, well made cappuccinos, swiss cake rolls, and swedish fish.
15. makes me want to try out unconventional dance moves.
16. is jan and joe o'connor.
17. appreciates melancholy tunes.
18. personifies autumnal bliss.
19. is the proud mama of trixie fay a.k.a sugar bear, little girl, lover may, trix, sugie, missy, etc.
20. gave me the nickname madadore conquistador.
21. has journals that make me oh so envious.
22. made college an adventure.
23. saves babies (literally) and even had a precious baby girl named after her.
24. has the most detailed dreams of anyone i know (scary midgets anyone?)
25. is an exceptional writer (www.bethanyoconnor.com)
26. officially has me calling everyone "sis."
27. believes in miracles.
28. let me come and tag along with her in cape town!

so happy you were born.
so happy i can be here to celebrate.


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