africa trip update!

i just wanted to keep everyone in the swing of things as far as my trip to africa...

my trip itinerary has changed a bit.

instead of traveling to south africa, rwanda, mozambique, and zambia...
i will be spending the majority of my time in cape town, south africa and possibly traveling to zambia for a week or two.

the majority of my energy will be focused on serving my dear friend bethany with the baby safe projects already at work in cape town, instead of trying to get more baby safes started in other countries. i am also hoping to have a lot of opportunities to help with my other amazing friend christina and her work with Justice [Acts].

sometimes bigger isn't always better, and i just want to do as much good as possible, spreading as much hope as possible, and i couldn't ask for a better place to do it than the city two of my favorite people ever have made their home.

may 24th can't come soon enough:)


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  1. Hey! So my friend Matt is in Capetown right now with All Nations (I think, definitely involved with Floyd and Sally) and I think they're connected to Baby Safe! I realized our church actually has some connections to this group, I just hadn't quite put two and two together.

    I wonder if he'll be there when you are... he's only there for 5-6 months. I'll have to check and see. His website is www.whileimgone.com.

    I'm so excited for you!