beaded braclets are very cool at my school lately. it is not unusual to see a student have them all the way up to their elbow (and i'm not kidding). so one of my students started making these braclets for his (that's right it's one of my boy students) friends.
i was happy to receive one of my very own on monday.


and yet, disappointed to see the one he made for his friend
(i think you can fill in the missing letter)...


don't you worry. i totally confiscated it (in true teacher fasion).
7th graders these days...unbelievable.

just another day in the alternate universe known as middle school.


  1. hanner..remember how i said you needed to take a video to school with you one day to capture these students and your amazing life?? Well. Chronical (i think) has a commercial out and you need to tape you day on Jan. 25 and then email some clips or pics to them...and you could be chosen for an episode or thing they do on the show called "a day in the life." I totally and honestly think you should give it a try, and give the rest of the world a chance to see a day in your amazing life!