winter vacation bliss.

there's a little spider running around my room right now. i feel like i should be a.) scared b.) getting out a shoe as fast as possible and smooshing him into the carpet, but i have decided to let him live. i guess that's what happens when you get 2 weeks off. you are just happy. and you want everyone/everything to be happy too (good thing for mr. spider).

in the next 2 weeks i want to:

1. go ice skating
2. read at least 3 books (currently reading: extremely loud and incredibly close for the 2nd time. it's just so good).
3. cook something edible
4. paint my nails
5. take a bath
6. craft, craft, craft (one project started today, and i'm pretty proud of it already)
8. revel in my time at home (taking off for rock-town on the 26th)
9. play with my nephew and take lots of pictures and videos of his adorableness
10. enjoy the first christmas morning with my sister in over 8 years
11. figure out how to cross things off this list once i've done them like pro bloggers do
12. start running again (maybe)
13. spend a lot of time at stellas (my favorite denver coffee shop)
14. watch a movie without falling asleep
15. start journaling again
16. plan my summer african adventure:)
17. meet my neice for the first time (three cheers for baby fiona!)
18. yuckel it up with this girl
19. organize a reunion meal with my dear friends from high school
20. hug my friend amy's belly (maxwell is coming so soon!)
21. talk theology with amy, dan, kristin, and the other dan
22. show off my rockband drumming skills
23. sleep in
24. have a dance party
25. last, but not least, save the world

i think this is a good start.

1 comment:

  1. love it!

    ok, can you tell me ...
    1) what your new craft is?
    2) what is your African Adventure?
    3) how you will save the world?
    4) you will take a bath more than once for me too? i miss those :(

    love you and I WILL talk to you!