a day as a jacobsen.

I like families.
I especially like it when I get adopted into families as an honorary member for the day.
Fortunately for me, one of my favorite people ever/lifesaver, Kari (my dearest co-worker and friend), invited me to her parents house in Evergreen for a full day Jacobsen family experience.
I loved every minute.

The day started with a somewhat treacherous ride to her parents house.
I say treacherous because we almost hit a squirrel on the way.
Kari: "Did I just hit a squirrel on Christmas?!?!?"
Don't worry though, we think the squirrel made it. Although, I'm convinced any animal that runs into the road is suffering and doesn't really want to live anyway.

Here is the view from her parents' porch.
Ridiculously beautiful.


I got a full tour of the house (including pictures of Kari as a child...my favorite being the one where she's wearing a traditional indian headdress at age 5).
We had lunch and relaxed in the sun for awhile.


Then we were off to the lake for some ice skating.
I'm actually accomplishing some of the things on my list!

Yes, it's true.
We love our state.


The perfect spot to get our skate on.




We even met Santa!
(Sidenote: he was a bit creepy and a little too young to be Santa...but exciting nevertheless.)


Kari might be the best aunt ever.
Here she is with her nephew Teddy, teaching him all her moves.


And explaining the name of the mountain in the distance:)


Just call me Nancy Kerrigan.


I'm still waiting to hear if they're going to adopt me.


  1. santa looks horribly scary. you were really brave to stand that close to him!

  2. You are a Jacobsen. You are. This is fantastic. And, it really, really is Snuffaluffagus (?) Mountain!

    I seriously heart you. :)

    (I know, I know...)