A Tribute...

This post is dedicated to none other than the fabulous, amazing, incredible, and any number of other positive adjectives Kara Blain! Today we celebrate her birth, and I for one couldn't be happier to have her in my life.

24 Reasons I Think Kara is fabulous...
1. She loves Jesus.
2 She writes more than any friend I've ever known.
3. She loves HSM (almost as much as me).
4. She documents life and sees the beauty in the everyday.
5. She is one amazing blogger.
6. She is a Christmas fanatic.
7. She is a part of the Blain family.
8. She really loves people and is just so dang nice.
9. She exaggerates like there's no tomorrow.
10. She is one great pen pal and sends lovely packages.
11. She has great taste in music.
12. She can make dougnuts from scratch!
13. She blog stalks with me.
14. She writes poems about the construction workers outside her window (that will forever be my favorite poem of all time).
15. She is the perfect blend of strength, joy, and honesty.
16. She has the best laugh ever.
17. She loves her students a lot and is one great teacher.
18. She's thoughful.
19. She's a reader (and we all know that readers are leaders).
20. She shares my love for all things sweet.
21. She's adventurous and always up for making memories.
22. She makes people feel loved.
23. She has a thing for Asia (especially Korea these days)
24. She has a boyfriend:)
(See previous post for a photo of the lucky guy).

Bottom Line: Kara is beautiful, inside and out.
If you know her, you're lucky.
If you don't, go stalk her blog.


Happy birthday friend.


  1. hannah, you're the best. thank you for being my friend. I need you in my life.

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