The Life of a Teacher (Memorable Moments From the Week):

-Seeing some of my refugee students with their hair all spiked up (the other kids really must have influenced them) and trying to compliment them (too bad they don't really understand much English yet). There was a lot of smiling and pointing to their hair. And possibly a thumbs up thrown into the mix.

-Student: Is he single? (pointing at a male teacher standing near us).
Me: Why don't you ask him?
Student: Mr. I don't mean to be rude, but are you single?
Teacher: Uhhhh...yes.
Student (to me): Miss you better go get your man! He's single!
(Student then proceeds to explain to the male teacher that she is just one of my many concerned students who feels the need to find me a boyfriend).

-Watching the try-outs for the school talent show next week (there was a lot of rapping and jerking). Yes, I will be participating in a dance with some of the other teachers, and don't worry, I will document it all.

-Trying to speak Nepalese with my Nepali students and butchering their language considerably. Good thing they are gracious (and probably some of the most adorable kids ever).

-Being observed by one of the principals and passing with flying colors!
(maybe I'm really meant to do this whole teaching thing:)

-Student: Do you have a boyfriend yet?
Me: No, not yet.
Student: It's so weird that you're a teacher and you're single.
Me: Well, there are other single teachers at our school.
Student: Yes, but they're ugly.
Me: Wow.

-Having yet another "come to Jesus" talk with my 4th period...
(my class with 16 boys and 3 girls...rough times).

-Parent/Teacher Conferences
(I am learning a ton about the importance of good parenting while being a teacher. People think our education is so horrible. Well, all I know is that I work with people who have given their lives to these kids, and yet there is very little positive reinforcement at home. I'm learning more and more that it all starts with the family.)

-Student: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseee....
Me: Yes...
Student: Write a love letter to Mr. _________ (yet another teacher they are trying to set me up with). He's single too. And I'm sure he'll like you.
Me: Ummmm- no.

-Finding out one of my students is in the hospital. She just moved to the U.S. from Mexico, has lukemia, and recently got an infection. The stories I hear on a daily basis break my heart. Please pray for Emily and her family. Hopefully I will able to visit her with some goodies to make her smile sometime next week.

-Finding a High School Musical cookbook at the school library's book fair. It made me happy, but the recipes were too lame to actually purchase it. What is even better is that a student told me it was there (because she knows about my passion for HSM).

-Speaking of the book fair, there's no better way to finish off the week than catching a student trying to steal two Twighlight books. At least she wanted to read, right?

-Today I think I came to the conclusion that I really like teaching middle school.
Does that make me crazy?

Happy weekend!

I'll leave you with this music video because well, it's hilarious.

And this because I just watched it and can't stop laughing. Clowns getting hurt never ceases to be funny.


  1. you're the hot single teacher!!

    and I love that you love your job :)

  2. The "single ladies" video is SO STINKIN' HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  3. i always crack up when i read your blog.
    on the bright side, at least these kids think you are pretty haha :) (you are)
    and also, at least they are compassionate enough to think about your current status of singleness...
    even though, there is nothing wrong with it.

  4. sometimes I miss being a teacher in America. especially after posts like this. haha. I can sooooooo picture your students trying to set you up with random guys. it's the thought that counts..right? ha!