my deepest apologies...

it's true.
i'm the worst blogger of all time.

i guess that's what happens when you teach.
those kiddos suck all the life out of you (in a good, completely rewarding way of course:)

it's sunday night, and i'm debating between more lesson planning or eating a bowl of cereal and putting in a season of dawson's creak.

decisions, decisions.
i'm slowly coming to the conclusion that i won't have much of a life this school year, and i vary between not caring much and wanting to scream at the top of my lungs.

my students are precious, and crazy, and ridiculous, and adorable, and hilarious. who knew 6th and 7th graders were so YOUNG? or maybe i'm just getting old.

here's a recap of some of the more memorable moments from my first three days of teaching...

-explaining what pagers are to my 7th graders and telling them i didn't get a cellphone until my sophomore year in college (to which they responded with gasps, of course)

-hearing myself say things i never thought would come out of my mouth...for example, "what part of 'be quiet' don't you understand?" and in a deep, man voice at that. i think one of my classes is officially scared of me :)

-talking about twighlight with 6th grade boys. too bad pedro had to go ruin the whole series for me. i had no idea 12 year old boys loved pseudo romance novels so much.

-LOCKERS and all the questions that go with them..."when do we get our lockers?" "can i go practice opening my locker?" "can you help me with my combination?" "WHERE IS MY LOCKER NUMBER?" "do you want to know my combination?"

-student: "miss, you spelled spanish wrong."
me: "actually, that says spinach"
student: "what's spinach?"
me: "a vegetable. it's good for you. you should eat it."
student: "gross."

-i asked a question. one kid answers with sponge bob. the whole class erupts into laughter. wow.

-"i like your doll, miss d." (a student saw my zac efron barbie when i opened my cabinet...whoops:)

-first class on the first day of school, i put them in groups only to hear: "he's a boy. i can't work with him." i'm still not sure why that surprised me, but it did.

i'm embarking on my first full week of teaching starting tomorrow. i can only imagine the stories that will come out of this week.
i hope i'm ready.

i'll leave you with a couple of photos from my first day.

i snapped this one right before my first class came in.

and this one was after i came home, fabulous lunchbox in tow (thanks kara!)


  1. First of all, you are not the worst blogger of all time. Not at all.

    (I was going to link to the worst blogger of all time, but I'm afraid they'd find out.)

    Second of all, I am currently listening to Rosie Thomas, which always makes me think of you.

    Third, you need to write a book about your experience this year. or at least compile a quote book.

    and Finally, that pink dress belongs in S. Korea. It's adorable.

  2. love love love :)

    love the hilarious stories about your students

    love that you have so much in common with your students hehehe

    love that you are going to try so hard and be such a great teacher!!

  3. Kara was going to link to me for the "worst blogger of all time".

  4. I LOVE your pink dress! So cute! I think I need to be a teacher if you get to talk to sixth graders about Twilight. That's my dream come true.

  5. whatever, Jess T.
    your blog is AWESOME.

  6. Already planning your Feb Birthday party, Hannah.Should we do a Teacher theme? Or Recess!?
    Whatever you choose will be great!
    Can't wait til you come !!
    Until then , you know I am cheering for you every day.
    Much love,
    Your Tulsa Mom : )

  7. You look so beautiful in that dress!! I bet you're the hottest teacher at that school. I miss you and just wanted to leave a little love on your blog :)

  8. oh my soul... are teachers allowed to look this cute? I think the admin might confront you if you keep it up.