oh the memories...

tonight we had a little supper club (does it count as a club if you only do it once?)
...me and some of my best friends of life.

we had a fabulous dinner together...
chrissy (the hostess with the most-est)...
...the two crazy sisters...
...and the two crazy cousins.
and i even made dessert!
angel food cake (or something like that:) with berries and cool whip...
lele was a fan.
what a delightful combination.

i've realized this past year how rare it is to have life friends. i met all these girls in elementary school and even got one as a sister in the process.

we got some great laughs in tonight (the deep, belly laugh kind) as we talked about the ridiculous/extremely embarrassing things we did as kids. at the end of every story someone would say, "wow. we were so weird."

i feel so blessed to have these girls in my life.
they have been there for it all.
and all signs indicate they will be there forever.

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  1. I'm jealous. That looks so fun [and delicious].