my new car!!!
maybe i should clarify...it's new to me.
i think the picture makes it look a little better than real life, but i think it's great.
there's only one small problem...

i can't exactly drive it...yet.
it's a manual and for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to learn how to navigate my way around a new city, become an expert at driving a stick, and not kill myself or anyone else in the process.
so far i've been successful (successful=not hitting anyone's car), but it's been a rough process.
i feel like i'm driving a go cart most of the time.

now i was thinking...my car might work a little better for me if it had a name.
any suggestions???
any variation of zac efron's name/s (troy bolton too) would be appropriate, i think.

last night as i was driving with my sister she said, "of all the things you video, i don't know why we aren't taping this."

point well-taken calley.
stay tuned for some video documentation of me making a fool of myself.


  1. It's RED!!!! That's so perfect.

    your favorite color, China's color, and the official East High color!

    I'm liking your idea of anything related to Zac for a name...how about...Wildcat? (it's what Gabriella calls him).

    can't wait for the video!

  2. 1. did you know mark a. and i were camp counselors at the SAME camp the SAME summer and never new eachother? well he worked 1 session and i worked 2 and 3, but still, pretty crazy. anyway, hannah. i am one heck of a camp counselor. kids listen to me, laugh at my jokes and it's a perfect world.
    2. YES! to both of your questions! we're dogsitting a year, and perhaps forever! our friend laura is going to uganda for a year, maybe more, and we're taking him. so it's kind of like he's ours.

  3. my suggestion is: the red raconteur.

    anyway...manual is tricky at first, but you'll get it! congrats on the *new* car!

  4. I second Kara's idea for Wildcat ... perfect car name. And just remember, if you are on a hill and you have some idiot who pulled up right behind you, there is no shame in getting out and asking him/her to back up. ... trust me, if they know you're new at it ... they always do :)