because sometimes you just need a distraction...

right now i should be packing...
but i don't want to.
of all the things i hate in life, packing has to be in the top 5.
so blogging is my distraction of choice this afternoon.
i'll take this opportunity to do a little weekend update.

mandrea came to rockford on friday!
i love spending time with ORU pals.
they refresh my heart.
she was a good sport and came with me to lele's baby shower.
love these girls.
exciting news of the week: she's having a GIRL.
baby fiona will be gracing us with her presence in October, and i can't wait.
saturday night activities included:
a pit stop at the golden arches...
and hanging out at a dive bar to listen to kelly's man play bass with pistol pete.
i like to think of the hour at the bar as a cultural experience:)
sunday morning we made our way to this fine establishment for breakfast.
we actually met and said hi to pam inside!
john was M.I.A
swedish pancakes make any morning just a little brighter.
of course i had to get a picture with jayden.
i celebrated the beautiful day by hanging out poolside with the jarrets/kitzmillers.
those floaties kill me.
kristin and dan:)
evening activities included some croquet in the field...
beautiful summer trees and skies.
kristin was a good teacher.
i was clueless and cheated a lot.
we are so high class.
did i mention how much i love summer?

ok, now back to work for me.
it's time to go through all my college notebooks and papers....eeeeek.


  1. I like that you have abandoned capital letters, and I like that you still have college notebooks and papers (so do I).

  2. congrats Auntie on your niece!! Now you've got one of each :) beautiful pics ... makes me jealous!

  3. summer is the best. i heart croquet. eric claims he beat me in croquet in college but i think he's lying. these pics are wonderful.