KTV brings out the performer in me.

As a child, I lived for any chance to perform. I would make up songs, star in my own theatrical productions, and I especially loved to pull out my joke books any time there was a crowd. But for some reason, as I grew up reality took its tole on me, and I realized I didn't actually have any talent. BUT then I moved to China, and I found out that talent was one of the lowest necessities on the performance scale. All you needed was an open room, loud speakers, a couple of mics, tv screens, some good 90's English songs, and a group of friends who loved you even if you were tone deaf. Thus the beauty of KTV.

We celebrated Candice's birthday with a KTV luau. I took the mic as often as possible and sang my heart out. My favorite song of the night was "Barbie Girl" by Aqua because I got a chance to serenade Zac (of course he was there too!) These are the kinda nights I live for.

Here's the birthday girl.

Everyone was looking very festive for the occasion.

You can't put a pricetag on this kind of happiness.

"Dancing Queen" is always a crowd favorite.

What is KTV without the Macarena?
We are bringing the best of American culture to China that's for sure.

Celeste and Blayze loved every minute of it.

Zac loves to karaoke. I mean, duh, that's how he met Gabriella the first time.

Performer at heart.

Taylor, the "dad of the party," let me borrow his glasses.

He likes to play with dolls.

Kara came as the sun. Pretty accurate to life in general.

Can't forget a little Britney...

Yes, we sang "The Boy Is Mine," but I totally dominated, and I'm fairly certain Blayze will be picking me soon.

We may battle it out, but we always have time for a photo.

Avril reigns as queen over KTV in China.

Tim also shares my affinity for KTV.

Precious girlies.

Another shot of the "dad of the party."

Jo and Dane even joined in on the action.


KTV is life. The rest is just details.

Now go out to your local karaoke joint and sing your heart out already.
It's good for you. I promise.

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