christmas in march/ i love my family.

Packages are like pure gold when you live in China, and I got one of the best ones ever tonight from my sister, dad, and step mom via Dane and Jo Lewis, my awesome ELT bosses/friends who are here visiting from Maryland. I was so excited that yes, I thought it was necessary to lay everything out and do a little photo shoot...

Here's some panoramic action for you.

Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips! Are you kidding me?

Dan In Real Life, bean dip, salad dressing, that rad t-shirt in the background, and mountains of hot chocolate (thanks Rosemary!)

Two huge bags of coffee, muffin mix, chocolate cake, gum, soup mixes, and CEREAL (it's hiding out in the back)

And if you've noticed, there was a little someone making a cameo amidst the food...
It's none other than...my teen pop crush...ZAC EFRON in his HSM3 cap and gown of course!!!
(My sister really knows what I need.)

It was SO good to see him.

We had a moment.

Yes, I am 23 years old.

(*Stay tuned for the adventures of Zac Efron as he makes his way through China land.)

And I had to include pictures of their cards too.

Here's the one from my sister. It even sang to me when I opened it...
"High School Musical. Let's celebrate where we come from. With friends who've been there all along. Just like......HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL."

And this one from my dad and step mom.
I love it.

Family- Thanks for making me feel so loved. I miss you like...A LOT . Until I see you again, I will just eat some cereal, drink a cup of coffee, and find comfort in a pair of plastic arms.


  1. cereal was my always my breaking point. glad you got some. :p

  2. I love that Zac Efron has officially and permanently entered your life.

  3. your family just loves you. i'm also glad that zac made it safe and sound to china. i'm looking forward to the pictures of zac's journey through china!

  4. hint of lime are the best!! i'm eating some right now :)