Here I am just hanging out at Panera, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi, drinking coffee, and listening to my new guilty pleasure, "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. Maybe I should be embarrassed that I love this song so much, but I just can't get enough. After listening to it for free on youtube over and over, I decided it was time to put down the .99 cents and purchase it for myself. Anywho...

I spent last week with none other than my favorite person ever, my big sis. I love her for so many reasons, but here are just a few from our week together...

#1 She introduced me to the glories of a Cracker Barrel breakfast.
#2 We can laugh until we cry, literally (even if it's at the expense of an indecisive woman in the checkout line or while trying on ridiculous hats, both during a shopping trip to our local Kohl's). Sidenote: I know this photo is horrendous, but it just captures the moment so well that I couldn't resist.

#3 Sledding. We dominated. So what if they said the hill was "closed."

#4 She accepts my horrible voice and will sing her heart out with me to our favorite Garth Brooks and Amy Grant tunes at our local Japanese restaurant (even when no one is paying attention to us). And she evens throws a little altar call/human video action in there too.

#5 She's a beautiful person, inside and out, and I can't imagine my life without her. I can say for certain, I wouldn't have made it this far if not for her. God really knew what he was doing when He gave her to me.

In other news, Chelsea O'Connor, one of my favorite people ever, is flying into Chicago tonight to hang out in the thriving metropolis of Rockford with me. I absolutely can't wait to see her, and squeeze her little head off. A lot of great laughs to come; I just know it.

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  1. So fun. I love the picture of you girls sledding. and the picture of you chillin' at Cracker Barrel. and the pic of you guys singing. So glad your time in the US is turning out to be so lovely :)